Only Halal Disinfectants Are Used
To Protect Your Homes & Workplace.


Only Halal Disinfectants Are Used
To Protect Your Homes & Workplace.

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Take precaution during this #covid19 situation with affordable disinfecting Nano-misting fumigation service.

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  • Food Grade Safety products
  • Healthcare grade disinfectant
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Assist 10 Technical Volunteers Work For The Frontliners

Sharing the initiative by ASSIST10 Sdn Bhd, the construction & design solutions, wholly-owned subsidiary of GAINS Education Group Sdn Bhd.

We indeed are honoured and humbled to be given the chance in supporting the national project for medical Frontliners, Covid-19 patients and other frontliners.

In April 2020, ASSIST10 team had been entrusted by the DDEC19MY Team (DOCTORS AND DESIGN ENGINEERS COVID19 MALAYSIA) for the COMBAT C19MY project of STEM Adriano programming to regulate the air ventilation system for SMHF (Scuba Mask + HME Filter). Basically they are in the invention team of modifying Scuba Masks to use as Safety Masks + HME Filter for both Medical Frontliners and covid-19 patients.

Sharing The Initiative


COSMHF is part of the flagship project of COMBAT C19MY. SMHF is a device created using a modification kit that allows us to modify ANY full-face scuba mask regardless of brand and model into a PPE that can use an HME viral filter available at hospitals.

This makes it as good as an N95 face mask, but more robust. We have also tested SMHF to ensure it can be used with a CPAP machine and enable it to be used by Covid19 patients.

Concept Ideas


The Group of Professional Volunteers – Doctors & Design Engineers Covid19 Malaysia (DDEC19MY) is an initiative to come up with COMBAT C19MY concept ideas as follows:


• Aerochamber Project Group
• Respiratory Aids


• PPE Project Group
• Tailor and designer for PPE products


• MALSIC project team Automated decryption
• Automated whole body accreditation


• Scuba Mask with HME Filters
• Customize the scuba mask to front-line team breathing PPE


• Automatic AmbuBag Machine – AmbuBag
• Automated to help reduce ventilators


• COMBAT data management and transmission systems
• Monitoring applications, social networks, network
connections, and analytic displays for mass users and interested agencies

We believe the talent and expertise of Malaysian professionals both domestically and abroad can assist the frontline forces in the battle against COMBAT Covid19. This initiative is not only owned by ‘me’, ‘us’ or ‘you’ – but it belongs to ‘WE’.

Corporate Communication & Public Relations ,

Doctors And Design Engineers Covid-19
Malaysia (DDEC19MY)
Combat C19MY.
– 3 April 2020 –

Postive Vibes Among Us


From Dr Rahmat Shazi of ShazInnovation, Project Head of COSMHF :

“Thank you to ASSIST10 of GAINS Education Group for the assistance in fabricating our Scuba Mask with HME Filter. This helps up ramp up the production rate to about 25 a day, considering that these are meant to be kits for people with some handiwork skills and some basic DIY items to put together a SMHF of reasonable quality. We have started receiving queries and will start delivering to hospitals tomorrow ( 7 April) onwards. Thank you ASSIST10 for making that possible.”

Alhamdulillah , we hope the sharing will bring more positive vibes among us that everyone of us in Malaysia , including all our team in GAINS Education Group are working hard to help each other in flattening the curve completely and building up the nation stronger than ever ! Inshaa Allah.

From :
GAINS Education Group Sdn Bhd.
24th April 2020.

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